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The history of Timex Watches, dates back to the 19th century. The company' routes lie in Connecticut, where the Waterbury Clock Company was established in 1854. At that time US would be compared that time was one of with Switzerland and Waterbury was known as the 'Switzerland of America". The Waterbury Co. at the largest producers of watches. The watches manufactured by this popular brand were a collectors' possession in the 50's and 60's. The brand has delivered what the masses preferred ever since and has undergone change time and again to keep up to the needs of its customers.

The watch brand is a result of great innovation and unprecedented hard work. The brand is known by and far for its technology and cutting edge designs, which give the watches an advantage over the other competing brands. With a grand lineage of the Waterbury Clock Company behind its name, Timex watches are undeniably endowed with the best quality technology to craft each of its pieces.

In fact what also makes the timepieces by the giant desirable is the price for which they are available. It would be wrong to say that Timex watches are expensive or won't fit your budget. The truth is that some of the best watches by Titan can be yours without really burning a very big hole in your pocket.

Timex, the brand has been associated with sturdy and sporty watches. As a matter of fact the brand is often referred to as the brand that produces the best mens' range of watches. Timex offers some of the best ranges for men in sportswear. Especially known for sportswear is the Ironman Global Trainer. A watch that offers a myriad of features for the athletes and at that same time is very easy to handle. Also a Timex Digital Watch is a breitling superocean good option for those who are not planning to sell too much on their new digital watch.

Apart from this Timex also has some of the most interesting watches for ladies. Available in many colours, materials and designs, a Timex watch is a great for the money conscious yet style driven women of the modern society. The brand throws a plethora of options to choose from. And the choice is so vast that it would just leave you confused.

With a palette of designs and styles to suit a varied age group, Timex offers value for money timepieces. If you happen to be one of those who prefer to have a collection of breitling bentley uber-cool and ultra slick watches, then a Timex timepiece is the safest bet for you.

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